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What is Presentation Software?- Features of Presentation Software

August 3, 2022

Presentation software is a type of application software that uses graphics, animation, sound, and data or information to make a visual presentation. These presentations can be used directly on the screen of computer

The presentations can also be viewed as slides on a screen or projection screen. The user can also print them for different uses.

image showing the presentation software and its features

Some examples of presentation software are MS PowerPoint, Keynote, and Presentations.

Features of Presentation Software

Some important features of presentation software are as follows:


Presentation software has many formatting facilities. We can change the color of text, background color, style of your text, and size.


Presentation software provides a printing facility. The user can print slides to get a hard copy Printing can be of the whole presentation or of any range of

Predefined Formats

Presentation software provides many predefined presentations formats with different background colors, text styles, and graphics for the presentation

Slide Layout

Presentation software provides different slide layouts. The user can select any layout for your presentation. Presentation software provides the facility to add sounds and

Audio and Video

Presentation software provides the facility to add sounds and videos in the presentation. It enhances the effects of the presentation.

Auto Shapes

Presentation software allows the user to draw different geometrical shapes, arrows, flowchart symbols, stars, and banners on the slide.

Clipart gallery

Presentation software includes a clipart gallery that contains images, photos, video clips, and audio clips for the presentations.

Spelling and Grammar

Spelling and Grammar features are used to detect and correct the spelling and grammatical mistakes in the presentation.


Presentation software provides the facility to animate the contents of presentations. Different types of movements can be applied to different components of the presentation. It makes the presentation more attractive.

Slide transition:

Presentation software can be used to apply special effects to the transition between slides. Slide transitions are the visual movements as one slide changes to another. By default, one slide simply replaces the previous screen.

Slide Timing

Slide timing is used to set the timing of slides. The presentation automatically displays the next slide after a preset delay. The user can rehearse the presentation to know the time required to complete the presentation.

Speaker Notes

Presentation software provides the facility to add speaker notes to a presentation. The notes can be used to remember important points during a presentation or to give to the audience.