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5 letter words starting with E

January 18, 2024
written by Areej Khan

Many 5-letter words in English start with the letter ‘E’. Learning these words can help you play word games and crossword puzzles better. Below is a list of some 5-letter ‘E’ words to help you.

EagerKeenly interestedHe was eager to start the project.
EagleA large bird of preyAn eagle soared high above.
EbonyDark black woodThe ebony piano shone brightly.
EdictAn official orderThe king issued an edict.
EerieStrange and frighteningThe silence was eerie.
ElectChoose by votingThey elect a new leader annually.
ElegyA poem for the deadShe wrote an elegy for her father.
EmberA glowing piece of coal or woodEmbers glowed in the fireplace.
EmceeMaster of ceremoniesThe emcee announced the next act.
EndedBrought to a conclusionThe movie ended suddenly.
EndowProvide with a quality or abilityThey endow scholarships annually.
EnemaA fluid injected into the lower bowelThe patient required an enema.
EnnuiFeeling of boredom and dissatisfactionHe felt a sense of ennui.
EnsueHappen afterward or as a resultChaos ensued after the announcement.
EnterTo come or go intoPlease enter quietly.
EntryThe act of enteringHis entry was unnoticed.
EnvoyA representative or messengerThe envoy delivered the message.
EpeesFencing swordsThe fencers chose their epees.
EpochA period of time in historyThe discovery marked a new epoch.
EqualBeing the same in quantity, size, degreeAll participants are equal.
EquipSupply with the necessary itemsWe must equip the team properly.
EraseRemove marks fromShe tried to erase the mistake.
ErectUpright in position or postureThey will erect a new building.
ErodeGradually wear awayThe cliffs erode over time.
ErrorA mistakeThe error was quickly fixed.
EruptBurst or break outThe volcano may erupt soon.
EssayA short piece of writingHe wrote an essay on history.
EtherA clear sky, the upper regions of airEther was used as an anesthetic.
EthicA set of moral principlesTheir ethic is admirable.
EtudeA piece of music for practiceShe practiced the piano etude.
EvokeBring or recall to the conscious mindThe photo evoked many memories.
ExactPrecise, not approximatedHe demands exact measurements.
ExaltHold in very high regardThe crowd exalted the hero.
ExertApply or bring to bearThey exert a lot of effort.
ExileThe state of being barred from one’s countryHe lived in exile for years.
ExistHave objective reality or beingDinosaurs no longer exist.
ExitsPoints for leavingThe exits were clearly marked.
EasedMade less severe or intenseHer mind eased after the news.
EatenConsumed foodThe cake was eaten quickly.
EbbesMoves away from the land (tide)The tide ebbes at dusk.
EclatBrilliant display or effectHer performance had great eclat.
EdgedProvided with a border or edgeThe path was edged with flowers.
EdifyImprove someone morallyThe lecture will edify the students.
EditsPrepares for publicationShe edits her work meticulously.
EggedEncouraged, urged onHe was egged on by his friends.
ElbowThe joint between the forearm and upper armHe nudged me with his elbow.
ElfedMade charmingly mischievous or sprightlyThe garden was elfed with lights.
EavesThe lower edges of a roofRain dripped from the eaves.

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