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Difference Between Input Devices And Output Devices

October 4, 2022

An input device is a piece of hardware that sends data into a computer, while an output device is a piece of hardware that receives data from a computer.

The data that is sent by the input device to the computer for processing is reproduced or displayed by the output device. While most devices are only input or output devices, some can also accept input and display output.

A system is only as good as its input and output devices. Input devices are devices that allow us to enter data into a computer system.

Output devices are devices that allow us to see or hear the results of the data that has been processed by the system. The most common input device is a keyboard, while the most common output device is a monitor.

Input Devices

Input devices are devices that receive information from the user. All input devices are connected to the computer so that they can communicate with each other and exchange information. The type of connector used depends on the signaling mode and protocols required for the communication. Examples of input devices include keyboards, mice, touch screens, and joysticks. 

image showing the input devices

Output Devices

Output devices are devices that generate information for the user. These devices may be internal or external. Internal devices are those that are built directly into the device.

image showing the output devices

Output devices are those that take data from a computer and turn it into a human-readable format. Output devices can be something as simple as a single light or an alphanumeric character, or something more complex like a text display or a pointer that can display pictures or text.

Difference between input devices and output devices

Input DevicesOutput Devices
Input devices give data and instructions to the computer.Output devices get information from the computer.
Input devices take data and instructions from the user and convert them into a form that is understandable by the computer.Output devices take information from the computer and convert it into a form that users understand.
The user has direct control over it.The processor controls these devices.
Examples: Keyboard, mouse, microphone, scanners, etc.Examples: Monitor, printer, speaker, etc.

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What is input device meaning?

An input device is any piece of equipment you use to enter data into a computer. This can be something as simple as a keyboard or as complex as a joystick.

Is Speaker an input device?

Speaker is an output device that is used to display sound. It displays the data to the users.

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