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5 Letter Words Starting With A

January 18, 2024
written by Areej Khan

Many 5-letter words in English start with the letter ‘A’. Learning these words can help you play word games and crossword puzzles better. Below is a list of some 5-letter ‘A’ words to help you.

AliveHaving life; living.The forest was alive with the sounds of birds and rustling leaves.
AmpleEnough or more than enough; plentiful.She had ample time to finish the project before the deadline.
AmazeTo cause someone to be extremely surprised or shocked.The magician’s tricks never failed to amaze the audience.
AngryFeeling or showing strong displeasure or hostility.His angry reaction surprised everyone in the room.
AssetA useful or valuable thing, person, or quality.Her intelligence is an asset to the research team.
AudioSound, especially when recorded, transmitted, or reproduced.The audiobook provided a convenient way to enjoy the novel during the commute.
AdoreTo regard with deep, often rapturous love.Parents often adore their children unconditionally.
AliasA false or assumed identity.The spy operated under the alias “John Smith” to conceal his true identity.
AwareHaving knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.She was aware of the potential risks but chose to proceed anyway.
AgileAble to move quickly and easily.The agile cat effortlessly leaped from one rooftop to another.
AvertTo turn away or prevent.She tried to avert her gaze from the disturbing scene.
AliasA false or assumed identity.The hacker used an alias to hide their true online identity.
AcuteSharp or severe in effect; intense.The patient experienced acute pain in the chest, prompting immediate medical attention.
AmendTo make minor changes in order to improve or clarify.The author decided to amend the manuscript based on the editor’s suggestions.
ArmorProtective covering, often made of metal, worn to prevent injury in battle.The knight donned his armor before heading into the battlefield.
ArrayAn impressive display or range of a particular type of thing.The fashion show featured an array of vibrant and stylish outfits.
AlignTo arrange or position in a straight line.The students were asked to align themselves in alphabetical order.
AdaptTo make suitable for a new use or purpose; modify.Plants adapt to their environment in order to survive.
AloofEmotionally distant; reserved.The celebrity remained aloof during the public event, avoiding direct interaction with fans.
AmpleEnough or more than enough; plentiful.The chef provided an ample portion of delicious food for the guests.
ArrowA slender, pointed weapon shot from a bow.The archer aimed the arrow at the target with precision.
AssetA useful or valuable thing, person, or quality.Communication skills are an asset in both personal and professional relationships.
AspenA type of deciduous tree with heart-shaped leaves that tremble in the slightest breeze.The aspen trees created a beautiful, rustling canopy in the forest.
AlertVigilant and prepared for danger or emergency.The security guard remained alert throughout the night shift.
AdeptVery skilled or proficient at something.She is adept at playing multiple musical instruments.
AdmitTo confess or acknowledge.It takes courage to admit when you’ve made a mistake.
AbideTo accept or act in accordance with a rule, decision, or recommendation.The citizens were expected to abide by the laws of the land.
AgreeTo have the same opinion or share a feeling.They finally agreed on a plan of action after much discussion.
AuditAn official inspection of financial accounts.The company underwent a thorough audit to ensure financial transparency.
AbodeA place of residence; a house or home.Their cozy abode was nestled in the heart of the countryside.

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