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Derivation Of Physics Formulas

October 25, 2022
written by Adeel Abbas

Derivation Of Physics Formulas is provided in a thorough manner.  A list of important derivations of physics formulas is provided here.

image showing the Derivation Of Physics Formulas

Physics is a fascinating field of study filled with interesting ideas and formulas. Students must understand the derivation of all physics formulas in a detailed manner to excel in the subject.

Orbital Velocity derivationDoppler Effect derivation
Escape velocity derivationThermal expansion derivation
Derivation of kinetic energyDerivation of potential energy
Derivation of the rotational kinetic energy of disc and hoop Derivation of Internal energy
Derivation of adiabatic processDerivation of molar-specific heat
Derivation of motional emfDerivation of mutual induction
Derivation of Carnot engine efficiencyDerivation of the Second law of thermodynamics
Derivation of current produced by AC generatorDerivation of self-induction
Derivation of the first law of thermodynamicsDerivation of restoring torque in the galvanometer
Derivation of Phase of alternating currentDerivation of the time period of a simple pendulum
Derivation of Real and Apparent weightDerivation of torque
Derivation of Angular MomentumDerivation of centripetal acceleration
Derivation of Angular VelocityDerivation of Work done by a constant force
Derivation of Projectile motionDerivation of the Law of conservation of momentum
Derivation of Kirchhoff’s rulesDerivation of electric potential
Derivation of electric fluxDerivation of Coulomb’s law
Derivation of the instantaneous velocity of simple Harmonic motion in a circular pathDerivation of hook law